Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simple me & the simple blog

Hello buddies, this is my first post ever in my own blog with those red butterfly theme make me excited..! I didn't manage to have a blog and since this is my first time to have one, lets me introduce u to what I'm into.

Sketching or painting is something new that i covered in myself. Yes, i did drew a lots since i was kid, when i was in school, i did it in my bored period. I have that kind of funny and ugly sketch i guess, but i hope i can reach a bit of improvement in sketching. Since i'm a bit messy in coloring, lets start with pencil sketch.

I have a lots of time that i can spent for sketch, or playing with guitar or camera, either one. Because those 3 activities didn't tired me at all, at least something that i believe i can do with a passion. I start to serious in sketch after my L motivate me a lots. Thank u baby :)

For the first post, i would like to upload some sketch that i drew while i'm staying in a hospital few days ago.
Let's picture do the talk!

"Call Me..!!" said Frog :D

 Teddy Bear

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