Friday, January 28, 2011

New Look

Well,as newbie in blogging, i don't have any knowledge about it but i strongly believe that i can use some of my photography experience into blogging. This morning, i drew a butterfly on my sketch book. 

After editing, i made my own blog header and it turn like this.

Its ugly, i knew. Haha. Since i'm not a professional artist, this is the best that I can do, at least! 

Do u realize .. the butterfly's feet is my first name's alphabet - M ..?


Happy Birthday Love

27 January 2011 is a special day for me because it was my first time celebrating ur birthday together with u love. Since i have to leave on 27th, then i decide to make a birthday cake for u. Its took few hours to be done, and i'm happy with the result. A futsal birthday cake is completely done and i can't wait for u to see it. After the cake was done, I go find materials to finish the birthday card. Its my 1st time doing it, i dont know either its good or not,even hahaha. A bouquet of roses come into my mind, luckily i found Flower's Shop through internet and ask them to make a delivery for u. I choose Yellow Roses, since u ever gave me Red Roses during Valentine Day :)

I'm so blessed to have a person like u. May the finest things always come. I Love You.

4 years old kid singing Happy Birthday in 6 different languages!

I sketch this while in the flight for ur birthday, again! Hope u like it dear!

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The passion of Music

Music is a passion for me. I don't just listen to it, I feel it as well. I love all kinds of music but mostly country songs, r&b songs. I not only enjoy listening to it, I love playing it.  I remember when I was 5 years old my mother playing a song on her guitar. When I was about 7, I found my moms guitar in her closet she never used. As I played with it I ended up playing part of the song my sister Meris used to play. I started playing and was able to copy some parts of different songs. 

There isn't anything that compares to the feeling of power, soul and passion you can get by playing the guitar(at least for me). It is an instant cure for any attacks I have, stress, depressing times, other problems and is fun. When you are playing you drift off into another world. Most of everything and everyone disapear and become non existant.

It's bad when i cant even read a music sheet or music notes. I learn by my ear, I do listen and follow. Remember each sounds of each string, that's how i used to play my guitar and compose few songs by same method, without any music sheet since i don't know how to read chord. Its weird, i knew!

My passion in music was inspire by Micheal Jackson, Kina Grannis & Taylor Swift. How much i love 3 of them, come in different generation. Call me a big fan of Micheal Jackson, yes I am! Call me a crazier fan of Kina Grannis, yes i am. And Taylor Swift... my big inspiration in composing a music & Taylor Swift wrote all her songs by herself. Thats cool..!!

Taylor Swift with her new song "Back To December"

Kina Grannis cover a song of Katy Perry "Firework"

Enjoice! =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Simple me & the simple blog

Hello buddies, this is my first post ever in my own blog with those red butterfly theme make me excited..! I didn't manage to have a blog and since this is my first time to have one, lets me introduce u to what I'm into.

Sketching or painting is something new that i covered in myself. Yes, i did drew a lots since i was kid, when i was in school, i did it in my bored period. I have that kind of funny and ugly sketch i guess, but i hope i can reach a bit of improvement in sketching. Since i'm a bit messy in coloring, lets start with pencil sketch.

I have a lots of time that i can spent for sketch, or playing with guitar or camera, either one. Because those 3 activities didn't tired me at all, at least something that i believe i can do with a passion. I start to serious in sketch after my L motivate me a lots. Thank u baby :)

For the first post, i would like to upload some sketch that i drew while i'm staying in a hospital few days ago.
Let's picture do the talk!

"Call Me..!!" said Frog :D

 Teddy Bear