Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Love

27 January 2011 is a special day for me because it was my first time celebrating ur birthday together with u love. Since i have to leave on 27th, then i decide to make a birthday cake for u. Its took few hours to be done, and i'm happy with the result. A futsal birthday cake is completely done and i can't wait for u to see it. After the cake was done, I go find materials to finish the birthday card. Its my 1st time doing it, i dont know either its good or not,even hahaha. A bouquet of roses come into my mind, luckily i found Flower's Shop through internet and ask them to make a delivery for u. I choose Yellow Roses, since u ever gave me Red Roses during Valentine Day :)

I'm so blessed to have a person like u. May the finest things always come. I Love You.

4 years old kid singing Happy Birthday in 6 different languages!

I sketch this while in the flight for ur birthday, again! Hope u like it dear!

Happy Birthday!

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